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Hi there. It’s Adebisi!

I am so honored you came to find out a little bit about me. Well, here it goes: I am Adebisi – a multi-passionate International Speaker, Entreprenuer, Life Coach, and the world’s only Upliftologist™ to Millennials. I created Upliftology™ to encourage, advise, and uplift each young person I come in contact with. We are each designed to be individuals, not carbon copies of one another. I love helping Gens Y and Z hone who they uniquely are, and succeed at being who they are meant to be. I have worked with teen and young adults for a few years now, unknowingly to me, functioning in my purpose. Speaking words of encouragement, peace, and support, I pushed them towards their peak performance. My clients range from the scholar preparing for college to the athlete training for his or her big game; I have worked to layout the steps needed to be taken in order for success to be obtained. With me in their corner, my clients build their confidence, take charge, and position themselves as the best. Thinking back to my own days as a teenager, I know it can be difficult at times trying to fit in, earn great grades, be a good child and sibling, a loyal friend, and a champion all at the same time…and the many other hats needed to be worn. But it IS possible. As a Gates Millennium Scholar, White House Intern, and college student who studied abroad across three different continents, I know what it means to multitask and try to make it work all at the same time. That’s why I am here! Because I have been there before. I know how it feels to do everything at one time…to work hard…and sometimes it feels like you are not making any progress. No experience is lost and can be used for your best. It is thrilling for me to see my young (and often worried and nervous) clients merge into bold and brave successes. I love co-experiencing breakthroughs with them.

No one can do it all by himself or herself. We all need support…we all need a community.

In between sessions with my clients, I take time to run my African-inspired accessory business, Debisi, I created this line three years ago after running my African fashion blog, Beese’s Pieces, for a few years prior. My love for the Ankara fabric roots back to my maternal grandmother, who was a textile merchant back in Nigeria. Interestingly enough, I inherited her passion for vibrant and lively fabric that has been popularized by West Africans. I take what is traditional material and create modern accessories for everyday use for the everyday woman, whether she is in the boardroom or out at dinner. Through it all, I genuinely love to see people at peace and excelling at what they do. I am thrilled you took the time to find out more about me. Now tell me about you, and let’s work together.

Adebisi Adebowale | Upliftology™ |

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